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WordPress currently comes with twelve themes: the default Twenty Twenty Two theme (demo), and the previous defaults Twenty Twenty One theme (demo) Twenty Twenty (demo) Twenty Nineteen (demo) Twenty Seventeen (demo) Twenty Sixteen (demo) Twenty Fifteen (demo) Twenty Fourteen (demo) Twenty Thirteen (demo) Twenty Twelve (demo) Twenty Eleven (demo) Twenty Ten (demo).

The Twenty Twenty Two theme is the first ever default block theme. It currently only works if you are using WordPress 5.9 and above or if you install the Gutenberg plugin alongside prior WordPress versions.

NOTE: All default themes now come bundled with block patterns, which allow you to easily create beautiful layouts. Find out which patterns are added to themes on the Make WordPress Blog.

You can switch between Themes from the Appearance menu in the Administration Screen. Themes you add to the theme directory will appear in the Administration Screen > Appearance > Themes as additional selections.

Themes Administration Screen - Installed Themes

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