Tips to enjoy the Night of the Dead

Remember that this is not a party time. It is a celebration of life and the time to remember the beloved ones and share they memories and offerings with others, so it demands respect and silence, though you will see many people partying around due to the confusion of the concept.

In every island and town around the lake the night is celebrated in a different way and even at different time, and not always at a cemetery. Anyhow, there are some simple rules that will help you to feel comfortable “intruding” the cemeteries, houses and privacy of the local families that you will find there:

  • Wear appropriately. Meaning no shorts. Usually the climate is not good enough to wear them, but remember that you are entering a sacred area.
  • If you want to take pictures, ask for the permission of the people you want to photograph. Almost nobody will say “no”, but respect, politeness and kindness are always appreciated. If you don’t speak spanish ask for the proper words to say it at your hotel.
  • When taking pictures AVOID using flash or bright lights. The light of the candles is part of the magic.
  • It is always appreciated if you ask who is laying in the graveyard. It is a part of the ritual and the

moment when people share the memories of the death ones. Some people will invite you to share they food as well. Don’t refuse it, you have become  they guest.

This tips will help you to be a part of the ceremony instead of a simple witness.

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